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flat screen tv lifts

Flat Screen TV Lift Cabinets



Flat screens are a wonderful venture into the territory of cinematic brilliance. Because they are great aesthetically, they obviously add to the charm of a living room or office environment.


This is why it is important to choose the right cabinets and flat screen TV lifts, so that they blend well with the LCD or plasma TV.


While buying one of the flat screen TV lifts, you must consider a few points, which we highlight below.


We also show you a few of the top selling units, both with cabinet and without cabinet.


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Flat Screen TV Lift Cabinets - Buying Tips

  • Remote–control versus manual controls - The lift should have both types of mechanisms. A remote-control operation allows you to increase and decrease the height of the flat screen.

Such height adjustment is paramount depending upon the placement of sitting furniture in your home. With the help of the remote, you can move the flat screen over the height radar in less than 20 seconds.

  • Installation - It is important to assess how easily such units can be installed. All you need is a panel that can be screwed and tightened so that you can move the flat screen easily.

Also, the flat screen TV lift should be compatible with other suitable surface materials other than the cabinet. Good TV lifts only require a screwdriver and a drill for installation.

  • Should be multifaceted - Though flat screen TV lifts are ideally meant for flat screens, being multifaceted only helps. This way, you can try the TV lifts for kitchen cabinets, bedroom drawers, countertops and a lot more.
  • Voltage requirement- Again, the better ones are well equipped with regard to voltage requirements. Such TV lifts require only 110 volts to be plugged in. This makes it power-friendly as well.


The video above features the Longmont lift cabinet manufactured by Touchstone.


The video above shows the operations of one specific type of TV lift cabinet.


A TV lift can enhance the appeal of the cabinet that is utilized for keeping the flat screen. Once you’ve decided upon the lift that has the necessary functions and blends with your decor, they automatically compliment your room.



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